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'The finale, based on simple beauty rather than extravagance, shows the restraint of great art'

Zoe Barron, Arts Hub

'Sage stands out for polished performance on the dance trapeze.'

Jordan Beth Vincent, The Age

'Sage Bachtler Cushman's dance-trapeze finale has similar impact.. a stirring, unsettling, fiery conclusion.. combining first-rate skills with joyful, unashamed pleasure..'

Lynn Gardner, The Guardian

Daniel Levy Photography

'..the incomparable Sage Cushman'

Rosemary Kaye , The Edinburgh Reporter

'Sage manages to personally combine the energy of the performers that have soloed before her with the entire audience its self. It feels like the melding of more than 500 people's energy and yet it is brought down to the most microscopic detail... A superbly gaged performance.'

Tom Critchly, Associate Producer Eden Project

'A tattooed trapeze artist is suspended effortlessly and elegantly from her perch high in the rafters, her eyes raised skyward, her muscular body dusted in a swirl of falling snowflakes, it's a breathtakingly beautiful and strangely moving image, the visually poetic end of our journey.'

Western Morning News

'All these elements come together in a transendant closer... the flame-haired, tattooed angel Sage Cushman's celestial finale on the high trapeze.'

David Zampatt, The West Australian

'...and a brava finale performance by trapeze artist Sage Cushman.'

St. Austell Voice

'Nothing is more spectacular than the finale: the entire crowd is bathed in confetti as Sage Cushman writhes like a tangled snowflake above.'

The Upcomming

'The Climax..... a dazzling piece of trapeze'

The British Theatre Guide

'Cushman performed a routine on a suspended rope... which is the very definition of sultry.'

The British Theatre Guide 

Gavin Dando Photography

©Richard Davenport - Photography

' ..frenzied dance trapeze of Sage Bachtler Cushman and an enraptured audience, the visceral power of Bianco reaches its zenith'

The Circus Diaries

©Richard Davenport - Photography

 'the final segment featuring Sage Cushman on the trapeze was exquisitely beautiful'

Hereford Times

'Flowing dance moves from Sage Bachtler Cushman'

Mike Smith, Arts Scene in Wales

' sensationele finale van Sage Bachtler, die de zwaartekracht tart terwijl zij aan de trapeze een ‘sneeuwstorm’ trotseert.'

Briste Circussensatie

'Heralded by an emotion-laden soprano vocal, Sage Bachtler Cushman, throws herself into the rope and frame with a fury. The spinning velocity is merciless with her sometime lifeless frame as she’s tossed on the elements with the vocal soaring higher.'

Jane Orial, Arts Scene in Wales

'Sage Cushman performs on trapeze.. It is

a breathtaking moment'

The Guardian

'A startling finale'

The Argus

'A breath-taking finale from Sage Cushman on the aerial swing will leave a lasting memory. It's theatre but not for the faint-hearted.'

Caroline Chick, West Briton

'Most impressive is the tattooed lady Sage Bachtler Cushman. Elegant and extraordinarily flexible, she closes the show in a whiteout of snowflakes on single-point dance trapeze. As it rises, falls and shakes her almost to the point of falling, she twists and thrashes and seems melded to the bar.'

Lizz Arratoon, The Stage

Ginger Cat Photography

'An evocative and gripping act that incorporates dance trapeze, ephemeral movement and balancing.'

Melbourne Weekly

'the tattooed girl with trapeze in the finale was mesmerising.'

The Kentishtowner

'My particular favourites….. the final ‘Trapeze In The Snow’ by Sage Bachtler Cushman'

Staffordshire Arts Magazine 

'The finale in which beautifully tattooed Sage Cushman joyfully performed dance-trapeze... was again stunning.'

A Young Critic's Blog

©Richard Davenport - Photography

'we were all a little moved by the grand finale performance of aerialist Sage Cushman… She flew through the air with such poise and grace'

Keeping it Welsh

' emotive finale by the skilful Sage Bachtler Cushman'

The Sydney Morning Herald

Daniel Levy Photography

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